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CONVOY-3 "Battery Disconnected " when put on charger.

My Samsung Convoy 3 has this same "Battery Disconnected" problem  - but with new batteries (tried 2). The "old" battery works fine for charging, but it's not holding the charge for as long as it used to (and having a couple charged batteries is handy).

The phone will show charging using a Novatel wireless mini-usb cable NOV6620USB cable (DC140916) and charge the existing battery to "full". The new batteries however, drop out of phone service when any charging cable is plugged in  - only difference is the battery - one for sure, possibly both, are brand new/never used.  


VZW: SAMU680BAT  DC151025  AB663450BZ 1300mAh - Charges fine

VZW: SAMU680BAT  DC150408 AB663450BZ 1300mAh - "Battery Disconnected"

VZW: SAMU680BAT  DC130424 AB663450BZ 1300mAh - "Battery Disconnected"

Cleaned contacts on the last two listed , tried "wedge-seating" and wiggling the batteries in the well,  no joy.  All batteries power the phone fine without charger cable plugged in.

Anyone got a clue what the issue is?

Re: CONVOY-3 "Battery Disconnected " when put on charger.
Customer Support


Oh no, I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're experiencing with your battery. I know how I depend on my phone for just about everything. I'm more than happy to take a deeper look into this to see if we can pinpoint what's going on, this way it can be resolved quickly. How long has this been an issue? How long have you had this device? Has the device been dropped or exposed to any damage (physical or liquid)?



Re: CONVOY-3 "Battery Disconnected " when put on charger.
Sr. Member

I would try a different cable and a different plug that goes on the end of the cable to see.  I have had both go bad for my smart phone once.  Mary