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Calendar icon displayed but there is no event

Hi, my LG Extravert shows the calendar icon indicating that there is an event for the current day even when there is no event for that day.  Since it doesn't do this if there is no event the following day. I think I may have set it to show the calendar icon the day before an event but I can't find that setting anywhere.

Anybody know where that setting is or some other reason why it's behaving this way?


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Re: Calendar icon displayed but there is no event
Customer Support

Hey there Iver!

I know that getting to know the ins and outs of a phone can be a bit tricky. That's why we are here to help. The calendar icon on the Extravert should show on the main screen regardless if there is an event or not. In fact, it is a widget or a shortcut to the calendar. Now, you can alter the setting for the charging screen (not home screen) of the device.

If you would like to alter anything on the charging screen, you can go to Settings-Display Settings-Charging Screen and then set what you would like to have displayed. Was this what you were wanting? If not, please let us know. Thanks!


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Re: Calendar icon displayed but there is no event

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for the reply. I'm talking about the gray bar that shows alerts at the bottom of the home screen, above the icons for mail, phone, contacts, etc. For instance, if I have it set to vibrate only then there's a little icon of a vibrating phone. If I have it set to ring the icon is not there. Likewise if I miss a call, an icon appears in the bar. If no missed calls then no icon. If I tap on the bar I get a list of alerts showing, e.g., 0 new messages, 0 new voice mail, 2 calendar events, etc.

So my issue is that sometimes the little calendar icon is displayed on the gray bar but the list of alerts shows 0 calendar events for the day. It's a little confusing. So I'm wondering why this is happening.



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