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Casio Type V Unable to download Backup Assistant_ Error (3332)

I just got a replacement Casio Type V phone. I was hoping to have it replace the Casio Type v phone i have been using since 2008, because this year, it is having trouble with the microphone(i have to squeeze it very hard for people to hear me!). So, i got another one last week. But 1)I can't "Get New Apps", instead i get the "Unable to download Backup Assistant_ Error (3332)" error. and 2)The phone worked for the first hour or so. made a call to Verizon(to ask about the Backup assistant issue)and did a few texts back and forth. Then sudden;y it started having difficulty getting a signal? I charged it that night, the next day, it could not get a signal no matter what!.....

Searched and found out if the phone wasn't activated during march 2011, it didn't get the 'certificate' needed, to update it so that it could continue to use Backup Assistant. I saw people saying (LOCKED threads in these forums from like 2011/2012) Go to a Verizon corporate store, they have a cable that they hook to their pc and download the certificate to the phone. I went to the corporate store here in Chicago a few days ago. They said the stores don't have the cable anymore. He even said, it actually isn't even a Verizon update, but a Casio update. So I've located the cable on Amazon for $17. But I can't seem to find the update on Casio site?

But I can't tel if the whole, 'not being able to find a signal' thing is an internal antenna issue with the phone? Or if maybe that is yet another update the phone needs? I've also seen people say, that doing the *228 options 1 and 2, actually make the phone's capabilites WORSE. So when I went back and re-activated my original Casio Type V, I didn't do those options and it is working like normal...except of course the microphone issue. I LOVE LOVE LOVEE this phone. HELP? Thanks!

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