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Corrupt text messages

I have a LG Cosmos dumb phone. When someone sends me a text from an iphone I get little boxes and no text. This is happening almst all of the time recently. Months back it was only occasionally.I see by the posts on this forum that I am not alone. What is Verizons' solution to this on going issue other than to buy a smart phone as stated in a post from December 27,2017 @ 3:15 pm from Verizon Wireless Customer Support.

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Your concerns with text messaging are valid and we want to help find a solution. While we don't expect for you to ask everyone in your contact list to adjust their settings, we recommend looking into a smartphone since you rely on this service for business and daily life. You mentioned cost was a concern but we have devices at low costs. In the end, you will save on time and frustration by having a device where you can read the entire text message. Here is a link with our current smartphone offers: Please share your thoughts.

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Re: Corrupt text messages
Customer Support

Beatlefreak, I want to be sure we set the proper expectation when it comes to text messages being received on your device. Unfortunately Basic phones such as yours do not have the capability to download or review emojis, gifs, or other media related items that are sent via text messages through smartphones. This is due to the internal function ability found within the basic phone devices and the same accross carriers. When you have contacts, friends, and family members with smartphones, we do suggest upgrading to a smartphone to ensure you are able to keep up with the ever-growing communications therein. Is there a reason that you are leary to purchasing a smartphone? Please share so we can help further.


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Re: Corrupt text messages

I am having the same issue - i have an iphone, and my 12 year old son has an LG Cosmos. When I text him basic things like "I'm across the street" it shows up for him as all little boxes. there is no fancy formatting or GIFs. I do not want my son to have a smart phone at this time because he is not ready for the responsibility of managing the addictive nature of a smart phone. It seems that basic texts should not be a problem. Verizon - please address this issue.