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Data Usage Charges - No data plan for LG Octane

My daughter has an LG Octane phone with no data plan.  She asked if she could purchase the Tetris Pop game that was listed on her phone for $3.99 unlimited.  When our bill was posted on My Verizon, there was a $45 charge for data usage on her phone!!  I checked every few days on My Verizon to make sure that she was not using data and nothing showed up until our bill was posted with the $45 charge. From the many hours of reading I have done today to try to figure out where, what, why, and how we have received a $45 charge and how we can possibly pay this additional money right after Christmas, I have read that this is the fee just for downloading the game! There is nothing that would tell her (or us - her parents) that there is a charge for the game other than the $3.99 for unlimited play.  This is so wrong!!  Has anyone else been charged this large of a fee for one game?  We figured the $3.99 was for the download - we had no idea there would be another $45 charge on top of it.  Do data charges continue to accrue whenever she plays the game?  We would have no idea since there is still no data usage showing on My Verizon for her line.  It seems that there should be some sort of notification before she purchased the game on her phone that there would be additional fees beyond the $3.99. She (and I) read the information about the game and there was nothing to indicate that there were any additional charges. We had even read in the Get It Now handbook that as long as the information about the game does not say that additional charges may apply for data usage, the game does not use data once it is purchased.  So, we never expected to have any data charges beyond the $3.99.  Has anyone else experienced this type of situation?  Did we miss something?  How were we to know that we would have to pay any fees other than the $3.99 for unlimited play?

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Re: Data Usage Charges - No data plan for LG Octane
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To download the game she had to use data. When you don't have a data plan you are charged $1.99 per MB. If your kid wants to download games and such you need to have a data plan on that phone. Data plans for basic phones are as cheap as $10 a month which gets you 75 MB.  Also I am pretty sure there WAS something mentioned about possible data charges. It's kind of common sense that to download anything that you are using DATA and thus you will be charged for DATA.