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Elderly parent was oversold data plan


Just before my mother passed away in November, I took over paying her bills for her. I noticed her cell phone bill was extremely high. My monthly charges per month with AT&T for a smart phone are $81.00. Since July/Aug of 2013 my mother was paying over $90 per bill and she had the most basic of flip phones. Granted some of her fees were from her own doing (a standing lately fee, and minute overages), but I was most surprised to see that she had a plan that included 500MB of data usage.

One of her last good weeks in September, she decided she wanted a smart phone. She went to the store and walked out with a tablet. The salesman acknowledged that she had been oversold data, but with what she had been paying she could get a tablet with no increase in her bill. She agreed to purchase the tablet. A week later she returned it because it was too overwhelming for her. (She also upgraded flip phones, but had the store reactive her old phone, because the new flip phone didn't get reception in her Condo. I tried to return the new flip phone when i found it nicely packed away in its box, but they would not accept it because I missed the return window.)

When I went to the store to make a payment for her in November, I asked why her monthly bill was so high. They said it was because of the recent tablet purchase and I had them change her plan to unlimited talk and text, which made it significantly lower than what she had been paying and it was all she needed for a flip phone. I've reviewed her bills and it looks like she's been paying for 500MBs of data since July/Aug of 2013. She never used her flip phone for internet. I'm disappointed that Verizon oversold my mother and never pointed it out to her. Has anyone else had this type of experience with technological y challenged loved ones?

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