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Extrovert 2 won't keep a charge

My daughter has an Extrovert 2. We purchased a new LG battery (brand new, LG brand), but it won't keep the charge. We plug it into the charger. The phone's display reads "Battery fully charged. Unplug to conserve energy." As soon as we unplug the phone from the charger, it dies. I've gone through the troubleshooting steps and they've not helped. Additionally, we taken the battery out multiple times and that's not "fixed" it either. This phone has not been in water or condensation and was working fine up until the time the battery was replaced. The phone does still send and receive text messages, as long as it's plugged in. We have tried the original charger, as well as another charger that has been used successfully in the past to charge this phone. There isn't a memory card in the phone to "interfere" with the operation of the phone. NOTE: The battery was replaced because it was dropped, losing the battery in the process.

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Re: Extrovert 2 won't keep a charge

Hello my friend,  I had a similar problem with a brand NEW "Samsung Convoy 4" flip phone and it would lose the charge that I had gave it over night.  I don't know the reasons why this happens, but what I found was that after the phone is fully charged, if you shut off the phone all the way off by using the "END" button and then turn it back on after 30 seconds the phone will retain the charge and continue to work perfectly. I cant guarantee that this will work on your phone, but it's worth a try.  Good Luck & Happy New Year!

Re: Extrovert 2 won't keep a charge
Sr. Leader

Sounds like the drop dislodged more than the battery. It is possible you got a bad battery, but less likely since you got LG brand. I suspect the drop caused a connection between the battery and the rest of the phone circuitry to become compromised in some way.