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Flip phone data charge

Verizon charged me $1.99 for data over usage. I have a flip phone so how can I be charged for data even though im not using any.  I went to the data usage sheet that shows the times when I used data. They were times when I wasnt even near my phone. For example, it showed that I used .00001 data at 2:03 A.M. It was a regular pattern of times showing I was using this amount of data. Over time, this would add up showing I went over my limit. Anyone else have this issue?? Verizon seems to be ripping people off and needs to fix whatever is going on.

Re: Flip phone data charge
Customer Support

This is definitely not the way we want you to feel about us, Knight0303. Managing data usage on your account is definitely very important, and we would love to help get to the bottom of this. What is the make and model of your device? Have you installed any new apps or updates on your phone? How do you typically manage your data usage?