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Ford Sync stopped working with LG Revere

About a week ago I purchased a new 2012 Ford Fusion with the sync system.  The auto saleman was able to set up my LG Revere with the blutooth sync system.  We tested the voice calling and both my LG Revere and wifes LG Revere worked fine for 5 days.  Here's the problem, first my phone (LG Revere) stopped working and sync did not recognize it, but my wifes LG Revere worked fine, the very next day, my wifes LG Revere also stopped working.  Now from what I have been told the LG Revere is "NOT compatable" with the sync system even though it has bluetooth capabilities, but how come it worked for five days and how did one phone work for an extra day.  This issue took place last week March 5, 2012 thru March 9, 2012.  Does anyone know what went on here?  Was there updates and has anyone else had this happen?

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Re: Ford Sync stopped working with LG Revere

When I ran across your post above, for a moment, I thought I had written it and forgotten that I did! Scary!

My husband and I just bought a 2012 F-150 about a week ago as well. My older LG phone paired and the phone book downloaded. We used the phone system for several days. Since my husband's phone didn't have Bluetooth, we purchased a new LG that is supposed to be the closest thing to my phone. It, too, happens to be a Revere. It "paired" with the SYNC system and even downloaded the phonebook, but then, my phone wouldn't work and neither would his. Everytime we'd try to call someone, we would be told that no phone was available. After using OnStar for about 10 years, this new SYNC system is driving us insane. We've read all the manuals, we've even had live chat with SYNC (which is a waste of time) and also live chat with Ford. The only way to fix a problem like this is to have someone sit down with you (preferably someone who really knows the system) and go through it step by step. The FAQ's that are given are worthless as well. We're very uncomfortable about going to the dealership because they didn't seem to know much more about the system than we do. From everything else I've read, it appears that maybe for some reason Revere is NOT compatible. Yours may have worked for a few days, but some other workings inside the phone may have "upset" something in the SYNC. If you want, I'll keep you updated on this situation. Likewise, if you find out something, please let me know. I'm afraid that my husband will have to pay the $35 restocking fee and buy another phone. However, we haven't really gotten a good list of phones that are known to work with SYNC. They are also going to be more expensive! We're almost sorry we bought the Ford.

Re: Ford Sync stopped working with LG Revere

Have either one of you upgraded to the new SYNC system? I have an Octane that did the same thing, it is an issue with the SYNC system. You can download the new SYNC from your SYNCMYRIDE account or have the dealership upgrade it or wait until Ford sends you the USB with the upgrade. Phones may be labeled incompatible, but it's more like only certain phones have been certified to work with SYNC. Which means Ford tested and said they work, I don't think that will ever happen with the phones we have, but my Octane works great, when SYNC is working great.