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Furious with fees!

I am extremely upset with Verizon and their hidden fees.

Two weeks ago it was time to upgrade my plan. Since we've moved to a rural area where there is no cable internet available I was exited to hear about the new 4G jet pack. I was changed to the new everything plan and chose 2G. Unfortunately, my older child went crazy and I was over 7xs that limit within just a few days. I called Verizon customer service and worked with Cameron, I believe, and we upped the plan so I wouldn't have to pay over-usage charges, which I appreciated. Lo an behold, my child did it again and we had to up it one more time. It was obvious to everyone that the jet pack with it's limit of 10G wasn't for us.

Within the 14 day period I returned the jet pack, as I was informed I could do if I wasn't pleased with it. I also changed my child's phone back to one that is not a smartphone to remove any internet temptation. I paid $52.00 for the jet pack and was under the assumption that if I returned it within the 14 day return period I would be due a full refund. I did get my refund, minus a sim card fee of $10.00 and a RESTOCKING fee of $35.00. I got back a lousy $5.20! Add to that a $35.00 activation fee for the jet pack and the $20.00 monthly fee and the added data plan and my bill is going to be around $300.00. This does not include the $175.00 early termination fee that my account will be charged until the jet pack "hits the warehouse" whenever that is! Seriously? For two lousy weeks of use this is what I'm staring at? I realize that 1/2 of this is my child's fault and I'm willing to take my lumps there but all the other fees I have a real problem with.

To top it all off I was informed that even though my plan does not have a smartphone on it I still need to pay for a data package regardless because Verizon no longer offers any plans without them. This was never explained either. So, even with the lowest data package I'm going to be paying an extra $15.00 per month for a service for the next 2 years that I will never use! I might as well take $360.00 out of my wallet and set fire to it! @

Rest assured I will be contacting the BBB on this one!

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Re: Furious with fees!

Sounds like you also dealt with a third party premium retailer that sells Verizon Wireless service. If you had dealt with a corporate store there wouldn't have a SIM card fee.

4G Jetpack devices are not good for home-based Internet connections are you discovered. The data you use at home can be much higher than the available tiered data plans associated with mobile broadband devices.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.