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Gizmo Drama

Beyond frustrated at this point. Bought my son a Gizmo Disney Edition in March of this year, by mid May it decided not to power on at all. Called tech support and after 3 different people finally someone said, this happens alot and they sent a replacement. The replacement took 4 calls and 5 agents to finally get swapped over, no one can figure these watches out. 

Fast forward to now, 3 months later. Second one died, same exact issue (mind you both are in perfect shape). Rep troubleshooted it and again said, this happens often. I expressed that I'm concerned about the 3 month shelf life because the original warranty applies which is only 12 mo from the original purchase. 

New watch arrives, fails to activate. I chat with customer service for over an hour (who cant understand why I cannot simply remove the sim card, until after talking to her supervisor) and she says to contact technical support or go to a store. I go to the store and they cannot help me, they say call customer care. I call in again, get sent a link to text with an agent and then spend 4 hours waiting for one to reply then after explaining the whole issue to them, they say that I need to call 888-294-6804 for help. I feel like I am getting no where and that I just keep getting passed off. 

I know there are tons of posts about these Gizmo issues, but anyone have luck getting one that actually works for a decent period of time? I cant swap the watch out so I am stuck until our contracts are up and then I can switch to a carrier that wants to help. 

Any suggestions on the watch would help. 

Re: Gizmo Drama
Customer Support

Sorry to hear about any trouble activating your replacement watch, STEFIE93. We can definitely help you out with this. We'll send you a link in a private note that will allow you to join our secure chat platform.- Henry