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I have a simple Convoy phone. Today I went on my text messaging to delete a file.  I did so and properly so, and the next thing I knew my inbox said it was empty.

This problem happened not too long ago, a month or so.  I called cust. service, they said I COULDN'T DO ANYTHING UNLESS I CALLED FROM ANOTHER PHONE.  I WENT TO COSTCO TODAY, TOLD THE REP., SHE DIDN'T TRY TO CONTACT CUST. SERVICE LIKED I ASKED.  SHE DIDN'T SOLVE ANYTHING.  When this happened the first time, I was devistated.  I am again now.  I turned my phone off, left it overnight.  I found that somehow I had all my texts that I'd saved back again.

What's going on?  I'm hoping by tomorrow morning I will see the same.  Will someone help me.  I have no way to use another phone, am not close to anyone who has a phone, live in the country and discouraged at Costco's Verizon booth today to boot.


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Re: Help
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

If I read your post correctly, you said that your text messages DID reappear after they seemed to be deleted?  And this was after you  deleted ONE message - my first thought is a memory glitch, and resetting your phone (by turning it off and then back on again) resolved it.  Basic phones have a small amount of internal memory set aside for text messages, and if that gets "full", things can get glitchy.

Try to keep the messages stored on your phone to a minimum, clear out unnecessary messages frequently (both received and sent), and do a battery pull every so often to reboot the phone and possibly free up some memory (similar to a computer reboot to resolve many issues!)

Let us know...