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How Do I Check If Phone # has Been used Before

My father is on my sister's Friends and family plan and got a phone..his phone number is (973) ***-**** and has been getting phone calls from people looking for various others and was wondering how do i check if the phone number has been properly cancelled (cuz it seems like it hasn't).....these are the kind od phone calls he has been getting

People looking for someone who my father isn't

Calls from Pharmacies that he doesn't have his presciptions with ( CVS)

Calls to have his car serviced where he doesn't have boguth that kind of car

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Re: How Do I Check If Phone # has Been used Before
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Is that really his number???? Hope not, or you have now posted it for the world to see and bug him even more.

How long has be had the number??? Cell numbers get recycled (depending on where the number is) rather often.... as in about 6 months. So it is not surprising if he is getting calls from others. Once I get a number, if I get telesales ro calls for others, I just change it and try a another number.

Also there is no what to see if a number has been used before.

Re: How Do I Check If Phone # has Been used Before
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Good afternoon! I'm sorry to hear about those calls coming through to the phone. I did edit out the mobile number to protect your father's number further. We do have a limited amount of phone numbers and they do get recycled. We hold off on recycling them for as long as possible, however depending on the area code and prefix, it can be reused as quickly as 6 months. Of course, typically calls stop shortly after the previous user updates their information. I can, of course, help changing your father's telephone number at no cost, if necessary. Please let me know if you are in need of assistance with that process.



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