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How do you set up a passcode on the Samsung Intensity III

I need help. When i  try to set up a passcode for= my Samsung Intensity III, it only locks when i turn my phone on. it never locks while I'm not using it. What i mean by this is that my cousin has the same phone and when he turns his phone off or if his screen goes black(after not using he phone for about 15 seconds) it automaticly locks itself and then requires a passcode when he wants to use it again. But when i set up a passcode, it only requries it when the phone first powers on. Any ideas on what to do so that my phone requires a passcode more often?

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Re: How do you set up a passcode on the Samsung Intensity III
Customer Support


Thank for bringing this to the attention of the forum. This is a fantastic question that you have brought to our attention. We definitely would like you to be able to properly use the phone lock on your device. To ensure that phone lock is properly set up on the device follow the instructions below:

1) Center Select Key to select Menu
2) Settings and Tools
3) Phone Settings
4) Security

Let me know if you have any additional concerns towards your inquiry. Enjoy your Samsung Intensity 3.

VZW Support
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