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How to remove Daily Scoop from the Gusto 2

We recently switched from an old LG Alltel phone to the Samsung Gusto 2. We were charged one minute of data session daily at 12.54 am.  Other forum discussion led to the application "Daily Scoop" as the culprit.  This application is on the Gusto 2 but not our old phone.  I followed the instructions,, to set the options to off in Daily Scoop, but was still charged.  Finally I figured out how to delete the application and am now not charged for data sessions.

To remove Daily Scoop from the Gusto 2

Select Menu ->Media Center->Browse & Dowload

In Browse & Dowload, I think that I highlighted Daily Scoop and pressed one of the other buttons.  This gave me the choice to delete the app.  I'm sorry, now that the app is gone, I don't remember precisely what I did.  If someone else does it, they can add the detail.

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