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Intensity III Home page issues

I was wondering if anyone knew how to place the balance on the homepage after an update?? 

Or is this no longer available after the updates.  I bought my phone just over five months ago, was able to put my money balance on the homepage for constant viewing, but two days ago I did a systems upgrade and now it is off the homepage and I can not for the life of me figure out where I found it in the first place five months ago.    I have read the manual but have found nothing on it at all. 

If there is anyone that can help that would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Intensity III Home page issues
Customer Support

Hi lasodabandito. I know keeping track of your finances is super important. I'm not sure what balance you're referring to though. Is yout Intensity III on a Prepay service? Or did you have something downloaded from Media Center for a bank account of some sort? I'd love to help you find the convenient option you're looking for if it's available. Please share more details.

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Re: Intensity III Home page issues

Hi Jennifer,

as for it being a prepay, yes it is a prepay service phone but after I wrote this question on the forum and rebooted my phone the balance display is back on it.  It is under Settings and Tools, Display Settings and is #9 as Balance Display.  I have the Intensity III phone so not sure if it is a feature on all phones or not, my boyfriend lost his balance display on his Samsung prepay phone and we cant find it anywhere on his particular phone.  Not sure why it disappeared or why it came back up but I am happy once again, LOL.

Thanks again for your reply back to this issue.