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Is there a way to truly "unlock" my Pantech Hotshot so I can answer it while driving without causing a wreck?

Okay, maybe I'm just not understanding something, but here goes.  I recently "upgraded" from my 1990's era flip phone to something more "modern", and so far I'm thinking it's one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made.  In my ongoing quest to just be able to actually use my Pantech Hotshot, the most recent situation I'm facing is figuring out an easy way to answer the thing without have to slide up the locking bar and then press another icon.  My wife called me yesterday while I was on the way home, and in trying to fiddle with the blasted thing I missed the call and it went to voicemail.  I then pulled over into an office parking lot to call her back, lest I kill myself and someone else on the road.  Here is the closest thing I find about this issue in the user manual:


Allows you to customize the call settings of your phone. HOME KEY TO ANSWER Allows you to answer incoming calls when you press the Home key. 1. Unlock the screen, tap Settings and then tap Call Settings. 2. Tap ON or OFF next to Home Key To Answer

In actual usage, all this seems to mean is that I can hit the Home Key to answer the phone, after I have slid up the locking bar.  What I think I'm looking for is a way to totally disable the locking bar so I can just answer phone with going through multiple gyrations while driving.  Any insights on this out there would be most appreciated.

I do so miss my flip phone.  All I had to when receiving a call was flip it open and say hello.  And pulling up my contact list to make a call was an easy, one-handed operation.  I don't see how fiddling with a touch screen is progress, but maybe I just don't get the big picture.

Thanks all.

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