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Issues with receiving messages / ghost messages not sent from phone - LG Cosmos 3

I'm having two problems with my current device.

1. Unable to receive picture messages.

                    a. Already went through first steps of troubleshooting, no blocks for messages, also made sure data was set to web access only, because there's only two options available.

                    b. Account in perfect standing. No bill issues.

                    c. This has stopped working roughly a month or two ago. Been a non - issue since I rarely would get messages like this, but more recently I have noticed some non picture multimedia messages that are also having issues receiving.


2. I'm receiving responses from a number I kind of recognize, but the text that did show up (see related issue above) was responding to a text that my phone says I sent. My problem is I never sent this message. The response feels like the receiver responded the way I would send something. i.e. ""It u awesome, thought you were going to call me back". I don't know how that happened, maybe a wrong number, but there are currently 5 messages I supposedly sent out to this number.

                    a. Although I admit I don't mind too much about the ghost messages, because I may be able to sort that out once problem #1 is resolved, however I have to mention that this may be a slight security risk if someone is spoofing my number.

                    b. Spoofing my number is pointless.


I would like a swift resolution in the matter and already know this is not the place for direct help for Verizon Wireless customer service, but because of the late hour this is the only option currently after the initial troubleshooting tips. I know my way around Verizon Wireless and how they function and would appreciate that nobody undermines that knowledge, however if you feel you may know the answer, feel free to respond. I look forward to any sincere and helpful responses.

- Michael S.

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Re: Issues with receiving messages / ghost messages not sent from phone - LG Cosmos 3
Customer Support

Texting is my main form of communication so I can empathize with you on this matter.
I appreciate the steps for troubleshooting that have already been completed.
I understand the Cosmos 3 recently had a software update. Has that been completed on your device.
Please go to Menu>Settings & Tools>Phone Info>Select SW/HW version> view what version you have and let me know what that is.

Please also check the Menu>Messaging>Settings>Multimedia Auto Receive>make sure this is ON.

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Re: Issues with receiving messages / ghost messages not sent from phone - LG Cosmos 3


Thanks for your response. My phone is dead, but when I get home I'll check but I believe it's up to date.