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Kyocera DuraXV and Gmail - fixing the network error, incorrect password, unsecure platform issue

If you try to add gmail to your Kyocera DuraXV Extreme or LTE phone, you get a message that says either "network error" or incorrect password. This is because Kyocera DuraXV runs Android 9, which has less security than Gmail allows for by default. To get gmail onto your phone, you have to go to your Google account and generate an "app password," and then use that specially generated app password rather than your regular password. Here are the specific steps for generating an app password:

1. Go to your Google Security settings:

2. Under Signing in to Google, click App passwords. You'll be prompted to confirm your identity by re-entering your password.

3. Under Select app, select Mail.

4. For Select device, select Other and type in a name for your phone, such as "Kyocera."

5. Click Generate. Google generates a specific password for your app. You will use this app password rather than your regular gmail password when configuring gmail on your phone.

6. Go back to your Kyocera phone and click Email. Select Other and add your gmail account by typing your gmail address and the app password you generated rather than your normal gmail password.

7. Select other email settings as desired. Tip: Don't allow gmail notifications, as these notifications set you on a path toward attention fragmentation! Avoiding those constant notifications is probably why you're using a basic phone in the first place.

After you finish, save your settings. You can now see your email through the Email function on your Kyocera DuraXV phone.

Re: Kyocera DuraXV and Gmail - fixing the network error, incorrect password, unsecure platform issue

I forgot to note that you first have to sign up for second-factor authentication before the "App passwords" option becomes available in the Google Security settings.