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LG Comso 2 and Mercedes Benz GLK350 Bluetooth Connection Problems


I am helping a client with her Bluetooth issue. Her almost two years old LG Cosmos 2 (Verizon Wireless carrier) phone seems to have Bluetooth connection problems with her new Mercedes GLK350 SUV that was traded in from her old SUV model. It was connected, but it kept losing connections. Both SUV and phone's screens show connections and disconnections messages. It seems like there is a connection problem between them.

I tried fiddling with the settings on the phone, but nothing seems to help. Even moving closer and farther in the SUV doesn't make any differences. I tried deleting her two existing "MB" Bluetooth profiles, but had problems to add a new one even with autodiscovery enabled and finally got it. I wrote down texts that were shown SUV's screen:

"'MB Bluetooth' found authorized"

"Waiting for a connection to LGVN251"

"Bluetooth device does not support required device" after pairing passkey and a few minutes.

It sounds like this new SUV model doesn't support this almost two years old phone?

I also checked on for this phone, but it only listed one LG phone and was not even close to her phone model series for this SUV. The phone works without Bluetooth though. My client also has an old printout from her old SUV to pair her phone with it. The old screens looked different compared to the new SUV's screen. Smiley Sad

I manually checked for updates for the phone:

Last updated on 3/24/2012 at 6:33 AM.
Name: LG_VN251V2_TO_ZV3

Checking for updates say that there are no updates.

Is that the latest for this phone on Verizon Wireless carrier?

Are there detailed instructions on how to connect these two through Bluetooth for this specific SUV? Or is this phone old and/or incompatible and she needs a new one?

Thank you in advance. Smiley Happy

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