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LG Cosmos - Sleep mode for ringer (only known numbers wake me up)?

This may be more of an app request than a question i think there is a positive answer to.  I would like to tell my LG Cosmos phone to ring when i am asleep only if the caller is already in the Contacts.  When I upgrade to another basic phone do other phones have this functionality?  Thanks in advance.  GaryG

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Re: LG Cosmos - Sleep mode for ringer (only known numbers wake me up)?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

There are some phones with a "security" feature you can set that will only allow calls from those in your contacts list.  Go to your settings, security menu and see if that is listed as one of the options.  You would need to set that option each night, though, and turn it off during the day if desired.

You may also be able to assign a specific ringtone to each contact you would want to allow through at night, and set your "default ringtone" to silent at night, that way any call that does not have an assigned ringtone would not ring with an audible sound.  You could then change the default to something audible during the day.

Both are  workarounds to achieve the effect you are describing; and on a basic phone, it's what you would need to do.  I'm not sure there's even an app for that functionality on a smartphone.  Perhaps someone with more familiarity with the apps available can chime in....