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LG Exalt LTE - Text Input Bugs

I am just writing here to forward another person's complaint about the LG Exalt LTE's (primarily) texting features. I noticed there was a new software update and this was not addressed, so I am really asking LG to take this complaint seriously:

" A few bugs:

1) When I am texting and i cycle through letters using the 0 key, if I like the letter I should be able to hit the "right" arrow and accept the letter and move to the next. Instead, I have to hit left arrow than right arrow. This is lame.

2) The T9 is too smart. When I hit 4663 sometimes it give me home and sometimes good. For people who use T9 regularly, it should be consistent, that way I know that "home" is always "46630" not sometimes "4663" and sometimes "46630"

3) Sometimes the phone doesn't turn on when it should to have the alarm go off. I rely on my phone to wake me up at 4:40am. But sometimes the alarm doesn't go on until 4:50am I think because the phone is sleeping.

4) When I open the phone, I want to see the current time immediately. Sometimes it takes a few seconds for the phone to update the display to the correct time. This has caused me to think it was the wrong time. "