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LG Extravert Call Problems?

I've had an LG Extravert since September 2012 and as of last week (May 3rd 2013) I've been having problems with calls cutting out severely and having distorted sound.  It's making it impossible to make or receive calls because I can't understand or even hear what the other person is saying, and during the middle of a call the signal will drop to zero bars despite being in an area where there should be a full signal connection.

I would take it to a Verizion store but I don't have proof of when I puchased it despite still being under warranty and I don't have the money to replace it.  Can anyone offer a solution, even a temporary one to fix it until I can afford a new phone?

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Re: LG Extravert Call Problems?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

I would suggest borrowing a Verizon branded phone from a friend if someone has one laying around unused  (Facebook please for help often yield good results!!) ... I know I have loaned some of our older phones out on occasion, and have received a loaner from a friend.  You can activate it with your number and use it till you get your own replaced.

Verizon should have records of your purchase, unless you bought it from a third party or non-Verizon store.

Re: LG Extravert Call Problems?
Sr. Member
Sr. Member

You can also try dialing *228, option 2, to update your PRL. This prioritizes which towers your phone uses and it may help.

Re: LG Extravert Call Problems?
Customer Support

Hi ewestlund. I'm disappointed to see you're having trouble with your awesome Extravert. SuzyQ was right, we generally have records of your purchase on file so we will most likely still be able to replace it through your manufacturer's warranty if needed. But let's try to find what's causing the trouble because we may not even need to get to that point. Do you have any friends or family with Verizon in the same area you use your phone that have been experiencing similar trouble? Have you tried the update that SydneyK suggested on your phone? Does this seem to only happen indoors or outside as well? Is it occuring only in once particular city/zipcode, or no matter where you go?

I'll be looking forward to your reply to get to the bottom of this together.

Thank you

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