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LG Octane web browser not supported

I got this message starting a month or so ago, and it says that I should download an alternate browser, so I did get the OPERA Light that they told me to. However, I have to go through a bunch of BS to get to it through the download section. So is there a way to get it so that I can get it to be assigned to the same button as the old browser?  Also, I find it funny that VZW tells me in the same message that "I can upgrade", and yet all I see for "basic devices" is really outdated, and horrible equipment, and few if any available. So my choice is CRA**Y phones or CRA**Y "Share everything including your bank account" plans if I have to get a smart phone. WOW what a choice that is!!! (ROLLSEYES)!

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Re: LG Octane web browser not supported
Customer Support

I can understand how convenience improves your experience, jacobweber2000. However, Opera can not be added to the same button as the old browser. I apologize for the inconvenience.

What are you looking for in your next phone? Do you want to use the web on your phone. Please provide me with a few details.

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Re: LG Octane web browser not supported

I am wanting to keep my octane because of the fact that I have an old unlimited data plan. I am really upset that Vzw is doing this. If VZW wants to remove that browser, then they need to provide an update to fix the links in the OCTANE phone so that I can go directly to mobile web instead of having to go through 4 different steps to get to my web. I dont want anything to do with the "share my wallet" (thats what I call em) plans. They are outrageously expensive!