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LG Revere initial programming failure

I got a LG Revere repaid cell early this morning. When i use *228, 1 it starts programming but then stops and a message says that we cannot process your request at this time, 33". I have tried *611 for over five hours but it always says that "all circuits are busy." I tried the 1-800-922-0204 and the 1-800-294-6804 help numbers from a land line but it only gives me options for adding more minutes or paying a bill. Note that I have either four or five bars for my signal strength.

The message on the phone keeps saying "initial programming required."

I cannot create a MyVerizon account because I don't have an account security code yet (or I don't know what it is). The screen says call the second 800 number above for help but there is no help available at that number.

The result is I can get neither phone support nor online support. Also, there is no local Verizon store of any kind in my county.

Anyone have an idea about what is wrong or what I can do?

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Re: LG Revere initial programming failure
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Let me ask you a few questions - then offer some suggestions.  Where did you  buy (obtain) the phone?  If it is pre-paid, is there any money in the account?  Do you have an account/phone number with Verizon? 

The # for pre-paid customer service is 888-294-6804.  And either number will eventually get you to an operator if you choose the "more options" or just hit 0.  I never have trouble getting a real person to talk to.

Let us know what happens....

Re: LG Revere initial programming failure

I bought an LG Revere over the Verizon website.  It is supposed to come with 10 minutes (which is

what is on the receipt). This is my first Verizon phone.

When I enter *228 Send 1, I get a voice message that “we cannot process

your request at this time.” So the phone reads “Initial Programming

Required.” All day I have tried *611 from the cell phone and I always

get a message saying “All circuits are busy. Try again later. Thanks for

using Carolina West Wireless.” Carolina West Wireless is a company in my

county but I don’t know why *611 gets a message mentioning them.

I have not tried to call a real number with the cell phone yet.

When I call 888-294-6804 on a land line as you suggested I get just

two options: one to add minutes and another one to pay on an account.

There is no other option. I have tried 0, 0#, 0*, *0 but all I get is a

message saying “Let’s try again” and eventually I am disconnected.

I tried to create a MyVerizon account but this did not work because I

don’t have an account code yet. I assume I get one during the initial


I have spent several hours trying to talk to someone but have not yet

been successful.

As I noted, my signal strength is at either 4 bars or 5 bars so this

doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Thank you so much for responding to my email and I hope you can help me out.

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Re: LG Revere initial programming failure
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Sr. Leader

ritebid -

Your account code may be the last 4 of the phone number, or the last 4 of your SSN (if you provided that when you got the account).  And I don 't have a pre-paid phone so I haven't called in to the 888 pre-paid number.  I do know if you call the regular customer service number you can get a real person with very little effort - just choose other options or speak to a representative when that choice comes up.... you may have to listen to two or three menus but i have never had a problem getting a real person.

Check the paperwork that came with the phone - there may be instructions and a code in there too.