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My samsung intensity 3 is not working

I got a brand new samsung intensity 3 on 8/1/2013 and the camera did not work after one photo. It was working fine right before I sat down for dinner tonight then I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket while eating and the phone expressed several failures. The keypad completely stopped working. I was able to see the main screen but I couldn't do anything. After removing the battery it worked for about 2 minutes then the keypad stopped working again. Then I tried charging it in my computer (to see if that would do anything) and the USB mode screen was stuck. I removed the battery again and let it sit for an hour. After re-inserting the battery, it started to work except for the soft keys and the "P" button on the keyboard. Then the screen started flashing and now the screen appears to go into sleep mode and the only reaction I receive is when I open the keybord (but still no functionality). I am dissapointed because 1. The chat service was unavailable all evening and 2. How am I supposed to call customer service without a working phone?

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Re: My samsung intensity 3 is not working
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How far is the nearest verizon store, could you pop in there?   We have one on every corner here it seems like.  Do you have friends or family with a land line or cell you can use to call?  Mary