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New phone in mail...where are the parts?

I was having issues with my phone and had it replaced 5 times previously. This past time I was unable to receive or send text messages or phone calls. Being a mother that is a scary thought. Being a social worker now not only is my personal life in jeopardy but so is my professional life. I rely on my phone just as most of us do to keep me in touch with family, friends, associates and clients. When my phone stopped working suddenly I took it to my nearest store thinking my 15 month old just hit a wrong combination of buttons or something that caused it to short out. When I got to the store the associate was very helpful and gave me the number for the warranty center and told me that they noted for me to get a new model phone and that they would be upgrading my phone as well at no cost for my trouble. I thanked the woman for this and proceeded to contact the number that I was given from my husbands phone. Once on the phone with a representative I was asked to take the battery out, turn the phone off and on numerous times and to dial out to numerous numbers which I was unable to do as my phone was not allowing me to make calls. After 45 minutes on the phone with the rep I was told "looks like your phone is not connecting to the network. This is an issue. Let us give you a new device." I stated that the woman at the store said that I was to get an upgraded model. The rep on the phone stated that they would honor this and that my phone would be at my home within 2 days. I figured that was the end of it...I was wrong

When my phone came today I got a refurbished phone without a back, battery, or a charger. The back to my previous phone does not even come close to fitting, the battery is not even the same shape and the charger is completely different.

I want to know if anyone else has had this issue. To me this seems totally unacceptable. The person who ordered the phone obviously knew what type of phone I was initially working with as they said the name of it and were working on it for 45 minutes. That same person also knew what phone they were ordering me as again the name of the phone was said and details about the phone were given to me.

What am I supposed to do about getting the other pieces of my phone? My husband is on evening shifts so I cannot use his cell phone to contact Verizon to find out what to do, I work in the morning and have a hearing for a client so will not be able to get to the store in the morning to ask, and on the website it tells you if you are having issues with your phone to call. Well Verizon I would LOVE to call you however I am unable to due to me not having a phone that works and having a refurbished phone sitting on my dresser that is simply the shell of a phone with no working components.

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Re: New phone in mail...where are the parts?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Which is one of the problems in dropping landline service to go strictly cellular.

Re: New phone in mail...where are the parts?

About all you can do is make time to call the number back and tell them what happened.  I have only had to deal with a phone replacement once and it was withing the 1yr manufacturers warranty and I was told it would be a refurbished phone they sent and we had no problems with the new phone after that.  I think the only way you get new is if you pay for the extra coverage every month but not sure since we don't buy fancy phones that would require that.  Can you possibly use a neighbors phone when you are home to call?  We have no landline but if I am in a pinch I use google voice to make free calls from the computer so might try that, you need a microphone though or a head set with a mic attached.  Mary