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Nokia 2720 V Flip: Pop Up Ads in Built in Apps

I've had this Flip for a few days, and I've noticed that when using the built in "Music" or "KaiWeather" apps, I periodically have to dismiss a full scree Advertisement for random things.

I paid full price for this phone, and no where did it say "Oh by the way, you'll be a product for KaiOS or Nokia or whoever" is getting paid for these ads.

Not a single syllable on this site, of course, or anywhere else for that matter that I can find.

These are NOT free apps from the KaiOS store, and just to make sure I "reset" the phone only to find the ads persist.

Pity, it seems a perfectly serviceable product otherwise - but in my view you either get to shove ads in my face in exchange for GIVING me something OR I pay full price and you leave me alone.  You do NOT get my money AND my eyes.

Rant aside, I'm wondering if anyone else knows about this? Is this something KaiOS "snuck" into the latest update where they removed the advertised Google Assistant for their own KaiVA? The whole thing feels pretty sketchy to me.