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Octane problems

I bought an Octane in the fall of 2011.  In the fall of 2012 it started dropping calls all the time.  Verizon sent a replacement and it did the same thing.  They sent another one and I told them I didn't think it was the device.  It happened again and they sent another one!  Finally...after three months of dropped calls (I am an on-call substitute teacher and when I miss a call I don't work and don't get paid) and many phone conversations, they finally figured out it was a problem with where my calls are sent (cell tower or whatever).  My phone was better for a few months.  A few weeks ago I started having problems again, but this time my calls go straight to voice mail.  Again, lost work calls.  I called them and they tried to fix the problem, but weren't able to. After many, many phone calls to tech people, one told me that there have been no software updates for the Octane since February 2012 and that is probably why my phone doesn't work well in my area.  I asked her why no one told me that and why I would be locked into a two year contract with a phone where the manufacturer stopped updating 6 months after I purchased it.  She didn't have an answer for me, but agreed that it didn't make sense.  They offered me a $30 credit for my "trouble!"   I thought that was insulting. I asked to speak to a manager.  The manager again offered me a $30 credit.  I told him about the software problem the agent told me that it was not a software issue that it was a problem with service in my area!  I asked to speak to his supervisor and was told that there was no one there that could help me, but he would have someone call me.  I ended the conversation and called Verizon again and asked to speak to a supervisor.  Again, he apologized for my phone difficulties and again offered me the $30 credit.  After about 15 minutes, he offered me a $50 credit.  Not the point, but better than nothing.  I checked the status later that day and they credited my account with $20!  I phone them back after reviewing my account, the agent says that she will put in for the addition $30, but it will have to be approved!   I have been a customer with Verizon for many, many years. We have three lines on our account.  I am very, very unhappy with my service and with Verizon.  My friends have been switching to other providers and I think it's time to look around.

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Re: Octane software update
Customer Support

Trina, I can understand why it would be so frustrating to drop calls and miss calls. You mentioned that you have other phones on your account as well. Are those phones having dropped calls in your area as well? Is this only inside your house or around the whole area? If only your line is having issues then it may be an issue with the phone. If all the lines, then a trouble ticket needs to be submitted for your area.

Software updates are only needed if there are known issues with the device that are affecting multiple people.

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