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Pantech Crux not receiving text message but able to send text messages

My daughter has a Pantech Crux phone. and yesterday we noticed that she was not gettng any text messages. We tried the *228 update and turned phone off, while phone was on we took out battery then put it back in and powered on the phone and she was still unable to receive any text messages so we shut down her phone then took the battery out waited a minute and then powered it back on and she is still not able to receive text messages. she can send text messages & she can call out and receive phone calls but she can still not receive any text messages!! any suggestions we can do to get this fixed?? she is not eligable for a upgrade until April 2013 she will have had this phone a year in about 10 days. will they replace her phone under warranty where it has not been a year but almost by a week or two. We also did purchase the Insurance for the phone as well.

Any help from anyone to help me on what I can do to get this fixed.


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Re: Pantech Crux not receiving text message but able to send text messages

I am having the same issue with my daughters phones.  I believe its an issue with Pantech.  My daughter has a Pantech Crux and is able to make calls, receive calls, and send text messages but she is not able to receive any messages.  My other daughter has a Pantech Hotshot and is having the exact same issue. We contacted Verizon and went through all of the troubleshooting necessary and even reset the phone and it still didn't work.  Verizon sent out a replacement phone today (Crux) and the issue is still not resolved.  This tells me it's an issue with Pantech... maybe a software update was done?? Both of my daughters are teenagers and mainly communicate through text messaging, so I am sure anyone can understand that they are in crisis LOL.  Any suggestions on what to do next?