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Pantech Hotshot USB dump error

I have a Verizon Certified Like New Replacement (CLNR) that ive had less than a week. It worked fine for about 3 days. then on the 4th day it started acting all sluggish and started freezing randomly and not loading my apps etc. well today is day 5 and now whenever i put my sd card in, i start up the phone and it goes to a black screen that says downloading with a picture of a phone and a computer and underneath in green letters it says USB DUMP.  I'm guessing that its a software error because most dump errors involve a software/firmware error. has anyone figured out how to fix this? (yes ive tried multiple sd cards)

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Re: Pantech Hotshot USB dump error
Customer Support

Thanks for already taking the extra step by trying multiple SD cards.
Once you remove the battery & reinsert it, does the same error appear on the phone? If so, we would need to replace your device.

Tamara H.
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Re: Pantech Hotshot USB dump error

yes the same error appears. All verizon seems to be able to say now every time i call tech support is that i need a replacement. I called tech support and they sent me yet another CLNR however i am very weary of it. This is my 3rd device in less than 2 weeks and these firmware/software/hardware/network issues seems to only happen to my number on the account and not the other numbers on it. I am getting concerned that something has gone very very wrong on the verizon end that has caused my number to turn sour. EVERY device i have ever activated on this number has had some sort of firmware/software/network issue within a week of activation. Is my phone not provisioning correctly when it gets programmed or is there something on the verizon end causing it to not program quite right or is my number just sour now? if verizon doesnt figure this out soon, i'm not going to be very happy at all

Re: Pantech Hotshot USB dump error
Sr. Member

Actually, your theory has been shown to be possible. I had read before about someone fixing his/her phone problem by changing his/her phone number.

Someone else read that, too, and two weeks ago tried that. He posted his results:

"[...] i had read in one place that changing the phone number was an option. got permission from my daughter and called verizon from my phone, dialed *611 and since i had the 'master account' and password changed her phone number without talking to a real person.

been more than 24hrs and it works fine still.

for the record, the original phone number was not a dedicated cell number. it shares the same prefix as a town 15mi away. they changed it to a prefix that is cell phone only and not used by a 'location'. does that make a difference? i really don't know.

i know you could do it by calling customer service yourself from a landline, but i used my cell and the *611.

i know it [is a bummer] to think about changing your phone number , but it worked for me.

lastly, i only found this forum cuz of googling, binging, metacrawling solutions for my problem. trying to give back"