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Pantech Jest 2 Headphone Jack

I will never understand why the last few phones I have purchased come with a 2.5mm headphone jack rather than a standard 3.5mm, but.....the Pantech Jest 2 is among them.

I have never bothered to try to connect them before because I could never find a set of headphones that would fit the jack.  I recently found an adapter (from 2.5mm to 3.5mm) at Radio Shack and bought 2 so that I could finally use my phones as mp3 players.  The problem is, I have tried both adapters on 2 different Jest 2s, also tried hooking the phone up to regular headphones and also mp3 speakers, and the sound still comes through the cell phone rather than the audio line out.

Is there a setting in the phone that I am overlooking or something?  I have read the manual and there is literally no reference to this or any other issue related to the headphone jack other than that it exists.   Searching turns up other people asking the same question but none have been answered.  Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Pantech Jest 2 Headphone Jack

I bought a head phone adapter at radio shack for my ENV3, works perfect.  I just went in and showed the guy my phone and jack and told him I wanted to use regular headphones for it and he knew exactly what adapter I needed.   Mary

Re: Pantech Jest 2 Headphone Jack

Yes...I had done the same when I went to Radio Shack, showed them my phone and explained what I needed.  I actually bought 2 because I have multiple Jests, and tried them both.  Not sure why they don't work.  It is simple hardware and shouldn't be dependent on models, etc.

I went in to Target yesterday and found a "headset" package that is made specifically for cell phones and my model was listed, a 2.5mm adapter was included.  I bought 2 of these @ $21 each.  These DO work and I was even able to use a standard audio cable to connect it to mp3 speakers and my car stereo.  However, I am extremely disappointed in the performance of these phones.  When you play the music through the phones speakers, it sounds normal.  But once passed through the jack-which is only capable of mono and not stereo-it sounds terrible. 

Frankly I don't know why they bothered to make this phone an mp3 player.  It can't be plugged into any headphones or audio devices and sound as was intended.  Really, MONO?

Re: Pantech Jest 2 Headphone Jack

the reason why you cant "adapt" those two sizes is because the "little black marks" on each headset jack is like a coding. so even though the 3.5 mm jack fits its not the right jack for that phone. so just get the 2.5 mm, they sell them at walmart.