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Pre-paid Cosmos 3 basic phone changes

I cannot get ahold of a human being to answer my questions about the automated system tellng me: "Support services for your phone ended on Dec 29th."    I never got a text or email about it. (Thanks Verizon. Could have bought a new phone while they were on sale.)

Does that mean I cannot speak to a human about my phone ever again or are you turning off 1X service?

[/]How do I change to a 3G android phone on the basic phone plan?[/u]

It would not have any 4G capabilities and would only have access to basic features: talk, text, data (facebook, twitter, email, youtube, etc)

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Re: Pre-paid Cosmos 3 basic phone changes

If you can't call, and are phone-less the simple fix is to go to Verizon, Best Buy and buy a new 3G basic phone And have your service switched over to the new phone.

Cosmos 3 is still sold, so It can't be obsolete. 


Re: Pre-paid Cosmos 3 basic phone changes
Customer Support

I assure you that we want nothing more than for you to receive the customer service you need, wagygirl and I would be happy to assist you today. Let's make sure that you get the proper contact information.

We recommend that you reach out to our pre paid department at 888-294-6804 for assistance from our representatives. We do not have any alerts currently in regards to the services for this particular make/model ending. We look forward to finding a solution for you. Please reach back out to us for any other questions or concerns and we will be ready to continue helping.

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