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Problem with ringtones on Motorola E815

Hi.  I'm having a problem with my Motorola E815, or with Verizon - not sure which.  I downloaded ringtones back in 2011 and have been using them since then.  Every so often they stop functioning for a few days or weeks, then mysteriously start functioning again.  I'll miss calls because even though the ring style setting is LOUD, and the detail is my downloaded ringtone, it doesn't play.  When I go into Media Gallery\Sounds they are listed, but won't PLAY.  The progress indicator advances, but there's no sound.  Yes, the volume is turned up.  And the basic tones that came with the phone do always work.   I know Verizon is bizarre about what they allow you to put on these phones, but I purchased the ringtones from the Verizon site, and am assured there is no expiration on them.  They were working a few days ago, and I just realized today (the day after daylight savings time change) that they've stopped working again.  Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon and have a solution?  Thanks.

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Re: Problem with ringtones on Motorola E815
Customer Support

Hi Bmbran!

We want you to be problem free. I know its important to have a device that works properly. Let's get this resolved. Do you receive any error message on the device? Have you tried removing the battery when the ringtones stop working? Has there been any liquid or physical damage to the device? Keep me posted.

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Re: Problem with ringtones on Motorola E815

HI, Pamela F. No error messages. Yes, removed battery and replaced. Even removed battery and held power button for a minute in case there is a power drain function like PCs. No, no damage by air, sea or land, fire, water. In addition to problem as previously described, on power up, instead of playing the normal power-up tones – de-de-de-deet-deet, ig goes de-de-de-bleah. And that’s a built-in tone, not something I downloaded.

Sounds like it may not be a Verizon issue, but possibly a bad sound circuit. Am going to get another E815 off of e-bay and have it activated through Verizon.

Thank you for your response, though.