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Re: Samsung Haven - powers off after 24 hours of non use

I am having the same problem with one that I bought for my Dad.  He doesn't use it much but it is constantly turning itself off. When my mom is gone from their residence, she carries her phone (same model samsung) and during this time it is important that his phone is operational.  One BIG example is one day Mom was at hospital sitting with a dying relative and Dad was at home alone. A bad tornado struck close to their residence and we tried for several minutes before the storm hit to call him. (NO LUCK,!!)  Luckily he had heard the sirens and went to the storm shelter, and just like he was suppose to do, he carried his phone and other items he was instructed to carry during this type of emergency.  We were not able to get in touch with him until about an hour after the storm! He said he did not realize the phone had cut off. He now has to check EVERY time she leaves to assure the phone has not turned itself off AGAIN..  My parents are both elderly and this problem with the phone really upset me that day. I will NEVER buy another samsung phone!

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Re: Samsung Haven - powers off after 24 hours of non use
Customer Support

Cgath, I definitely agree that your dad should have a phone he can rely on especially during an emergency. I apologize this is happening with his phone but don’t worry because I’m here to help!

I’ve researched this and did not find it to be a known reported issue. When did this start happening? How long have he had this phone? Do you know his phone is fully charged when this happens? Does it shut off after accessing certain functions on the phone?

Try rebooting the phone by removing the battery while the phone is still turned on. Keep the battery off for a few minutes and reinsert. If he continue to have this issue, please post back and I’ll be more than happy to further assist you.

John B

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