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Samsung Brightside, t9word spazzing, what can i do?

So i just purchased this phone this past Friday, and I was really starting to like it. It has driving mode on it, and i mean i thought it was just a cool phone. Fast forward to today, Sunday, and now out of the blue I can't type certain things on the t9 word. I can't type anything beginning with the letters a,b, or c or the phone freezes and cuts off.

I stumbled on a forum from a couple months ago saying that folks were having the same problem, and Verizon was promising an update to fix this problem, but they didn't know when. Well it's now July, and obviously the problem isn't fixed so I'm wondering what the deal is with this. Is there ever going to an update? And no, I don't want to hear that yes there is going to be one, and two months from now it's all the same problem.

I want and need answers, i just spent 130 bucks, with the 50 dollar rebate factored in, and i'm not about to be stuck with something that isn't going to work properly when i haven't even had the thing a week!!!

I'm debating on going to get the extravert, but i'm not to happy that i am downgrading my camera, and I really liked this phone.

Please folks, verizon, anyone, please help or share what you know!

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Re: Samsung Brightside, t9word spazzing, what can i do?
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You can't do anything until Samsung releases a software update, its been reported to them about 5 months ago

its a samsung..good luck on updates.. take your phone and $35 and get a different phone imo

Re: Samsung Brightside, t9word spazzing, what can i do?
Customer Support

Thanks for visiting our forum, joshb12!
I am more than pleased to share what I know.
I know how important being able to text is since I text over 1,500 texts per month myself. Can you go in to the Settings>About phone to confirm that you have software U380.FF01  because the update prior to this most recent one should have resolved the T9 texting issue.

Tamara H.
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