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Samsung Brightside won't shut off

I have a Samsung Brightside that I've had for a year or so.

Last week it would always say it's charging, whether it was plugged in to a charger or not.

Now it won't shut off. I hold the off button and it shuts down then it immediately starts back up.

I've pulled the battery and put it back in but it still does the same thing.

I hate this phone but don't have the funds for a change.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Samsung Brightside won't shut off
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I truly want you to be fitted with a device that fits your needs. I know its imperative to power your phone down at moments throughout the day. Let's take a further look into your concern. The symptons that you're experiencing with your device lead me to believe the concern is with the charging port. Do you notice any debris within the charging port? The device may think that a charging accessory is present. If you notice that any debris is within the charging area please clear out. Has there been any physical or liquid damage to the device? I appreciate you allowing me the opportunity to assist you.

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Re: Samsung Brightside won't shut off

I've had both of the same issues with my phone.  Started off by continually thinking it was charging whether or not there was a charger plugged into the port (this is a common problem with these phones - google it).  Cleaning the port and the contacts did not help initially, but eventually it happened less and less.

Now as of today I cannot shut off the phone, it restarts immediately.  Even taking out the battery and replacing it causes an immediate reboot whether or not the power on button is pressed.  This means I'll have to pull the battery and keep it out whenever I need the phone shut off....