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Samsung Gusto 2 downloading question?

Help - how do I download photos from my prepaid Samsung Gusto 2 phone to my PC?

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Re: Samsung Gusto 2 downloading question?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Looking at the specs, it doesn't look like the Gusto 2 uses a micro SD card; all the memory is on the phone itself.  To get the photos off the phone and to your computer, you can send them via text message to your email (tedious if you have a lot of pics). Another option is to try BitPim (third party software, and transfer them via USB cable.

Re: Samsung Gusto 2 downloading question?

Hi SusanRR,

I had the same problem.  A long time ago somebody posted the only know way of getting your pictures.   You have to subscribe to some cloud data service and use a backup method.    Then you can use your computer to get them off the cloud.   Not very practical in my opinion.

Good luck,


Re: Samsung Gusto 2 downloading question?

The Gusto has Bluetooth, @SusanRR.

Just buy a $5 Bluetooth adapter / dongle for your Windows or Mac PC.  Install the adapter and set your PC to make the Bluetooth discoverable.

Then go to the Gusto's pictures area. Hit Options-Send-Via Bluetooth.  It'll have you mark the photos to transfer (or 'mark all').  Under Choose Device, specify 'Add a New Device'.

It should find your PC and ask for a Bluetooth passcode. Make something up (like 1234).

In Windows 7, the PC will give you a pop-up message that the Gusto is trying to connect and you can then enter the same code (1234) to allow the connection.

There may be a short wait, while the PC installs device drivers for the Gusto.

Soon thereafter, the pictures will transfer to your PC.  In Windows 7, you have to specify what folder they should go to or accept the default folder: