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Samsung Gusto 2 fail. Three times in 8 months.

After joining the Verizon family in July of 2013, I subsequently had not one, not two, but three Samsung Gusto 2 cell phones fail. The original cell phone provided as part of my two year contract failed, plus two subsequent and "reconditioned" replacement cell phones failed, as well..

No volume, random restarts and random lockups requiring the removal and reinstallation of the battery in order to restore some sense of temporary operation. Important calls, very important calls, dropped in the middle of a conversation as the cell phone shut down and re-started without warning.

When I presented my latest failed cell phone to Verizon personnel this morning, I was met with indifference.

If I no longer wished to receive another "reconditioned" Samsung Gusto 2 (number 4), then I could pay full price for another brand/model.

This indifference leads me to pay the early termination fee and to move on to another carrier.

A no contract carrier. If I am going to pay full price for a cell phone, there will not be a contract connected with it.

Customer Service. Like so many other virtues of the past, it seems to be fading into oblivion.

I only wanted a cell phone that would work thru the 2 years of my Verizon contract.

Too much to ask, I guess.

Say goodbye.

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