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Samsung Intensity II - Screen Failure

I've had my phone for about a year and a few months.  It hasn't dropped much but has recently experienced a series of failures.

First, he receiver - when in regular call mode, stopped working about two months ago.  However I was able to hear a phone call on speaker-phone mode... I am still able to hear a phone call in this way. 

Next, I lost vision of the screen when in regular call mode, but the screen would work when switched to text mode.  This happened maybe three weeks later.  The screen was just black when it was closed in call mode as if the phone was off.

Lastly, about a couple weeks ago, I noticed the screen was starting to die while open in texting mode.   It kind of flickered and dimmed... Now its completely dark.  The only way I know my phone is on or not is by if the keys light up.

Has anyone experienced similar problems?  Its just out of warranty so the Verizon store just said I was out of luck.

By the issues I have specified, does anyone know what exactly might be wrong with the phone?  LCD screen? Flex cable?  Is there any self diagnostic I could do by opening the phone?

Thanks everyone! much appreciated.

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