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Samsung Intensity II

My Samsung Intensity II keeps losing sound. Any ideas on what might be wrong/how to fix it?

Everything seems fine, then, suddenly, I can't hear the phone ringing, and if I call out, I can't hear anyone? If I power off and on enough, sometimes it will start working again.

There doesn't appear to be any damage to the phone, the watermark on the battery is fine.

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Re: Samsung Intensity II
Customer Support


I know how an inconvenience this can be and I want to help resolve.

I did not find this to be a known issue with the device. How long has this been happening? Are you having the audio issues with every call?

Have you tried performing a master reset on the device?

If you are still having these issues after the master reset we may need to replace the device. If your phone is still covered under the warranty and there is no damage we can replace at no cost.

If you are still having these issues after the master reset send me a direct message and will be more than happy to further assist you.

John B

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Re: Samsung Intensity II

i have had my intensity ii for close to a year now and im having none of the battery life issues or the sound issues but im having two issues that are causing my phone to have severe issues

one my phone is now constantly displaying that it is charging even when it is not plugged up to the charger and once it says battery charging complete it dies and wont turn on until i plug it into my usb hub on my pc

and 2 when  im sending a message and recieve another message it sends to the person i just recieved the other message from then powers off and again will not reboot until plugged into my usb i thought this phone was good untill all of this has happned it has no water damage and has been a great phone untill the past 3months where it has decided its always going to charge.

Re: Samsung Intensity II

Call Verizon from a different phone. Explain your issues and they'll work through some trouble shooting and then if that doesn't work they'll replace it under warranty for free. But you need to do this before your one year is up.

Re: Samsung Intensity II
Customer Support

It definitely sounds like your Intensity II is acting strange CNelson1894! Based on the behaviors you have described, I recommend a master reset of the device.

If the difficulties continue, your handset includes a one-year warranty if it was purchased directly from us or an authorized agent.

I trust this information was helpful.


VZW Support
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