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Samsung Intensity III - the saga is continued...

The saga is continued……

I hate this piece of junk - Samsung Intensity III.

I never had a phone that would absorb such a huge amount of my time.

Since July 20, 2012, I had three phones with a variety of problems.

Today is Tuesday.

On Sunday I wrote long story about my experience with this model (see discussion:  Samsung Intensity III – what do you think about this phone). I was somehow happy, that the alarm is working and that I was successfully connected via bluetooth with my car.

It happened that yesterday I did not talk to anyone on the phone.

Today, nobody wanted to talk to me. Whoever called me, shouted: “I will not talk to you, is a terrible echo.” I was really frustrated. I accepted very bad reception only to find few days later that there is another problem with this phone.

I called VZW tech support. The tech was nice and he admitted that he hears the echo.

I spent with him 1hour and 30 minutes. We disconnected and connected the bluetooth, pair off and pair on and reset the phone. We tested the phone – the echo was gone.

He said that sometimes the bluetooth create a problem and need to be disconnected and the phone needs to be rest. How nice! In four years, with two different cars the bluetooth in Samsung Sway never created any single issue.

The next 45 minutes I was resetting all my customized setting, which I lost during the phone reset. I am really exhausted, and I don’t even know for how long this phone will work without a problem.

I am wondering what could be next.

In this bad situation, one thing is encouraging – I don’t have problem with the VZW tech support nor the VZW store employees. 

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Re: Samsung Intensity III - the saga is continued...

Had I read the issues that I am seeing with other people. I wouldn't have bought my Bluetooth speaker, until after I bought my new phone. I'll be heading to Walmart (I have learned NOT to deal with a verizon store...Ever)  now to look at the LG phones. I was planning on replacing this phone anyway. Just sooner than I expected....