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Signal Loss and Battery Drain

For about a week now my Samsung Cosmos 2 has been constantly losing connection signal. It also is now draining the battery within a few hours of charging. Not sure what is going on. The phone is less than a year old, and I never had this problem until lately. I have always been able to charge the phone and leave it on day after day without any batter drain. At times now I get dropped call or call back from VZW I need to turn my phone off and restart. But does not solve problem much. Has Verizon changed their signal strength? These problems occur while in the house now, never had this issue before. Not sure how much it is occurring on the outside.

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Re: Signal Loss and Battery Drain
Customer Support

Mcrmbltt I rely on my phone for everything. We want to be sure you can as well. What zip code are you in? Is this only happening in your home area? Do you know if there are any other Verizon Customers in your area with this issue?

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Re: Signal Loss and Battery Drain

Thank you for your response. My zip code is 21207. My home is located in

the southern most area of the zip code in the area called Edmondson

Heights. The problem only happened when in my house. As stated before, I

never had a connection issue before while being in the house. I don't

know of any other customers with this issue at this time. Since my

original post I have gone to the Verizon store near me and explained

what was happening. They could not tell why it was happening, since it

only was happening while in my house. So they made sure the phone

software was up-to-date, and it was. When I returned home the phone did

the same thing. But if I placed it near a window it would not lose

connection and continually search. The next day I moved the phone to my

desk away from the window and in the middle of a room. To my surprise

the phone never lost connection all day and night. At least I could not

catch it doing it. I checked it constantly throughout the day and night,

and it seemed fine now.

Still not sure if the problem is still happening at this point. Even

though my phone is not a smart-phone, just a basic one (Cosmos 3), I

have always been able to use the phone anywhere in the house with

problem. When I leave the house the issue does not occur, which is

expected. I thought maybe there was a signal problem with the tower in

my area.

So at this point the phone seems to be back to normal. But will keep an

eye on it.


Michael [Removed]

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