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Transferring Texts to Computer

Hello all,

I am trying to transfer SMS texts from my phone to my computer. It's a LG Cosmos vm250.

Obviously I can use the sim card via adapter, sim card and USB line, and also Blue Tooth. Howver, that only transfers media such as photos, ringtones, etc. I downloaded the program BitPim ( to assist in the third-party transfer of data from the phone. Unfortunately my archaic phone is not listed in their supported devices, and I don't know if there is a comparable LG device offered in their list. I really don't want to ruin my phone if it's wrong, as they warn about on their website. I downloaded the drivers for the phone from Verizon itself, and the program still did not recognize the phone in "Other CDMA  Phone" mode.

Emailing the texts to myself seems the most logical alternative, but when I enter my email address the phone tells me, "Messages with enhanced features cannot be sent to email." So apparently that is not an option. I'm really not excited about taking a physical picture of each and every text+scroll of these texts - there are a lot of them - and hand-writing them is not a viable option due to the nature of the texts. There HAS to be a logical option to adding texts to a computer. It's data, after all.

I would appreciate any advice on this matter that would eventually lead to these texts being in my computer and not in my phone. Thank you!

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Re: Transferring Texts to Computer
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Using BitPim, look for model numbers on either side of your VN250 - like 240 or 260 - if you are simply trying to LOOK at the contents of the phone, using an alternate model number is not going to harm anything.  Choose an alternate, see if BitPim is able to view the phone contents, and if not, try another.

We were successfully able to get the contents off my husband's old VX4400 (?) by using a similar model number.

If BItPim is able to connect and show you the contents using a similar model, copying those contents to your computer will not harm the phone either.  The cautions are there to prevent you from trying to make changes to the OS.  Just looking at the contents and copying them does not change any of the files on the phone, and changes are what you want to avoid doign with BitPim.

Good luck.

Re: Transferring Texts to Computer

Thank you for your help. I appreciate the reply. Smiley Happy

Unfortunately BitPim doesn't even have a VM model listed. Just VX, VI, UX, TM, PM, LX, LG, G, CX, C, and CX. Going by just numbers, the closest number to mine was PM225, and it didn't read it. Smiley Sad