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Update on 6/15/2013 for Samsung Intensity II

So Verizon sent me a text message that said enable update so I pressed ok... it's now been sitting at the connecting screen like I was about to receive a picture message for an hour now.... Is my phone updating or should I shut my phone off and turn it back on?

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Re: Update on 6/15/2013 for Samsung Intensity II

I didn't even get a text message.  On 6/16, my Intensity II just said software update and then started doing the connecting-thing you talked about.  I just cancelled it.  I was wondering about it too.  It was really weird!

Re: Update on 6/15/2013 for Samsung Intensity II
Customer Support

Hello pdthj
I'm sorry I'm not showing a update has recently been released on the Intensity 2. Let's look into this together. Which application were you in when this happened?
Please power down the device remove and reinsert the battery and retest.

Please let me know if the issue persists.


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