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Upgrade to 4G

So I waited as long as I could keeping my 3G phone.  It is a slide phone, accepts no apps, and lets me call and text all I want.  Perfect.

Not Verizon's fault, but the 3G is going away and they were kind enough to send me a new 4G phone.  It is a phone "very like my 3G"  and "my plan, rate and phone number will not change".

Well .... with 150,000,000 customers, Verizon added $6 to my monthly charges ... supposedly to "everyone" on this plan ... so quick math says that my new phone is making Verizon about 1 billion dollars each month.  I am sure that is due to the virus, and government and inflation and in no way reflects the greediness of Verizon, sucking an opportunity to create record profits.

As for the phone .... well, it is a flip phone indeed.  I can get the the letter "C" by simply pressing the 2 key 3 times.  Now isn't that great!  Nothing like my old outdated phone that actually had a keyboard.

End of rant.  Mint Mobile can give me the same service for less that half the price.  Why am I even here?




Re: Upgrade to 4G
Customer Support

We greatly appreciate your loyalty and we want to ensure you are still getting the best value with us. The wireless market is very competitive and we were forced to adjust the rates on some of the older plans with our current plans remaining unchanged. I would love to help discuss the benefits of our Unlimited plans as found at or review the cost differences between your current plan even with the recent increase.