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Verizon all set up to entice new customers but not to keep curent ones

We have been a very faithful Verizon Family for many years.  At the end of the Summer my husband dove into a swimming pool to save our daughter who had just fallen off of a little raft.  Everything was fine except for the iPhone 5 in my husbands pocket.  Luckily we had an old iPhone 4 that we just booted back up and he has been using this one ever since. 

As we got closer to the Holidays, every other carrier is promoting great deals, with new iPhones and they will pay the ETF.  My husband's dead iPhone 5 has another year before it is eligible for an upgrade.  We really really want to stay with Verizon as we have never had an issue.  And, had the other three other carriers not been so enticing with new iPhones for both of us and paying the ETF this would not be an issue.  However, after contacting Verizon, and only wanting to upgrade my husband's phone early, they say there is nothing they can do for an existing customer.  So the policy is, if you are a new customer we will do whatever it takes to get you on the Verizon Team, but if you have been a faithful customer for many years, there is nothing we can do for you.

Seems backwards to me.  I send this note as we are getting in the car to visit the T-Mobile and AT&T stores who are willing to fight to take us from Verizon as we keep trying to stay with Verizon. 

Everything about Verizon has been good and positive.  And this is not a negative situation, everyone we spoke to tried their best to help us, and also iterated that the current system is great for new customers but that their hands were tied to help us. 

So goodbye for now Verizon.  Maybe once we become customers of another carrier we will respond to an incredible offer from you and come back. 

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Re: Verizon all set up to entice new customers but not to keep curent ones
Sr. Member

And you you think after a month on the other carrier if you break your phone they will give you a another new one at a discount?  I think you don't understand how the phone deals work when signing a contract.  Mary

Re: Verizon all set up to entice new customers but not to keep curent ones
Sr. Member

The terms you agreed to when you chose VZW are the terms you're going to be held to.  They wouldn't survive if they bent the rules for everyone who asked them do.  Sometimes they can, and do, go above and beyond to keep us as customers...but there are some things they just can't do.  The terms you agreed to aren't written in chalk on a can't erase them whenever you want and make it what you want it to be. 

Re: Verizon all set up to entice new customers but not to keep curent ones

I agree but what about the new rules they keep implimenting?  Like in 2011 stating that 3G phones who have unlimited data being "Optimized" basically throttling the speed.  I don't recall signing a contract agreeing to have my speeds reduced or having to feel obligated to upgrade to other phones just to not have my speeds  slowed down