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Verizon is out of control

Bought a 4g phone n late may.

Phone always bills me for internet even though the phone was set by Verizon employees at qa Verizon store to only get Wi Fi.

Verizon also put insurance at 6.99 a month without asking

Last month received a $60 additional bill for using their system for internet when their own employees set the phone only for wi-fi.

Finally they determined the new phone I bought was broken so they sent me a refurbished phone even though I paid for a new working phone.  The refurbished phone could hear people but no one could hear us talk on it.

I have yet to get a NEW working phone which I paid for.

I sent back the junk "Certified" refurbished phone after visiting, for the 3rd time, the local Verizon-owned store as the Verizon employees now state the original phone is perfect.

But it still charges me for internet via Verizon when set to only get internet via wi-fi.

Meanwhile we decide to change the phone number of this phone because of harrassing calls from a former boyfriend.  Big Mistake.  The phone would not work after the phone number change.  No incomming, no outgoing, no texts.  24 hours goes by while Verizon scratches their head.

Another (4th) trip to the companoy owned store where I am informed no insurance is on the broken original "New" phone even though I paid for the insurance for the 2n'd month the day before.  They demand I pay for the new sim chip so the new phone number will work.  Remember, I never even asked for the insurance and was never told about it but I still paid for it $6.99 times two months and we are at just 5 weeks after receiving the broken "New" phone Verizon sold me as a new working phone.

I hope potential Verizon customers read this.  It is a part time job dealing with Verizon selling broken new phones to you which steal from you by billing you for all internet use even when the Verizon company owned store employee sets the phone to only get internet via Wi Fi.  Then they bill you for insurance you never asked for and when you need it, they say you have No Insurance.  Change your telephone number means a 30 minute wait after you drive to their store and they charge you for a new chip to allow the new phone number even if you paid for your insurance.



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Re: Verizon is out of control

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