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What's the purpose of the USB cord on the REVERE?

   After wondering how to transfer all my pictures from my Revere to my Mac, I turned to the internet, cuz we all know that today's young minds know EVERYTHING Hi-Tech! Right? WRONG! What a disappointment. So, Mr. Old School had to figure it out on his own. Here's what I did:

   First, forget about that USB cable. I think that's just meant to charge the phone.

   Second, navigated as follows on Revere phone: Main Screen > Settings & Tools > #4 Bluetooth Menu > Add New Device.

   Clicked on Add New Device. The Revere finds your computer, you create a passkey, and you're in.

   From my Mac I was controlling my Revere. I can probably do the reverse, too, but haven't yet.

   I had 240 photos uploading to my 6 year old Mac Mini one right after another in no time. They are the original size, not downsized at all.

   This is my first venture into the world of Bluetooth. Not bad for a 60 year old FlipPhone Geek, eh? So, get with it, younguns. No need to cry about your Revere. It has its limitations, sure! But for those of us who don't need/want a sMaRtPhOnE, this is how to get over this hurdle. Now take lots of pictures and upload them FAST via Bluetooth!

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Re: Whats the purpose of the USB cord on the REVERE?
Customer Support

Hi Paladin1006,

This is great news! Thanks for the steps, I'm sure they will help many customers out. I know how important it is to move your memories to another location for safe keeping. Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it!



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