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Why would I stay with Verizon?


  I am just writing to get this on file how displeased I am with Verizon. I switched back to Verizon just over a year ago because of the service coverage Verizon provides. I will be leaving Verizon when my contract is up because of the poor quality equipment Verizon chooses to supply. My first phone was a LG Cosmos    II, and it had several issues. The primary problem with the phone was it has a mind of its own and always shuts itself off. The first phone also found it interesting to delete all the information off the phone and take about ten minutes to reboot, it was warrantied. The second phone had the shut down issue also, so it was replaced. I'm not sure if I had three or four total, lost count, but you get the point. The phone was replaced with a Samsung Intensity III. The Samsung after being charged one morning was so hot you could have probably cooked your breakfast off it. It also quit receiving text messages at this point, so for kicks I removed the battery and put it back in, then turned on the phone. The phone booted up and I received about fifteen messages or so, one being a few weeks old. The other thing about this phone is it needed to be charged usually three times a day, so it spent more time on the charger then it did in my pocket. This phone has since been replaced. I would also like to add that I did pay out off pocket for a battery and back cover for this phone. The new phone arrives, I install the battery and charge it up, this phone will only hold a charge for tops of thirteen hours. I call Verizon and customer service is sure that a new battery will do the trick. The new battery comes in, I charge it up, and it still won't hold a charge. I call Verizon, they send out another phone. On one of my talks to Verizon about my Cantenna that works about ninety five percent, the tech feels I need a battery charger, so its new now too. I'm also informed that I would need to pay to have a service guy come out to work on something that's been glitchy since day one (home fusion).The system goes out randomly for five to fifteen minutes at a time. I have had several answers to this problem and the closest to getting it working was replacing the router. This helped out a ton, I was told the tech needs to be out when the service is acting up, and I would need to pay one hundred and fifty dollars because I did not purchase a service agreement.  Sorry, not going pay to get something fixed that didn't work great  to start with. Back to the phone. The new phone comes in and I put the battery in but decide not to activate it just in case. The new phone held what appeared to be a charge for twenty four hours. I activated the phone, and I am now charging the phone twice a day. So there is more then likely a programming issue. Called tech support they agree to a possible programming issue, decided there was not much more Verizon could do, may be i should contact Samsung or Verizon could contact them, but it might take some time for Samsung to get back with Verizon. I call Samsung, explain what's going on, they are willing to repair the device but I won't have a phone for five to seven business days, I would not call this acceptable . Called support, they inquire about me paying to upgrade to a smart phones, not interested in paying money to replace a phone that has not worked properly since day one (over a year) They moved me over to level two tech support, explained the issues, this tech decided to send another phone. Ok, I'm quite sure if three is not the charm four won't do much better, but we'll try.

So, here's what I figure

Probably more than eight hours on the phone with tech support.

Between the Home fusion and the phone six or seven trips to the post office.

X amount of missed or lost phone calls

Not sure about how many missed text messages

Paid for a battery and back cover for the Samsung to replace a crappy LG

an offer to pay to upgrade to a phone that would have been free when I switched to Verizon. Not to mention I paid a few bucks out of pocket to get the first LG. I think it was eighty dollars but there was a rebate.

There were a few smart phones for free.

It also sounded like I might be extending my contract, that was the feeling I was getting.

I would be better off buying a used phone off Ebay just to limp through my contract.

I didn't even mention my wife's phone has been acting goofy but she is afraid she will end up with a phone like mine.

So after more then a year with Verizon and not having a reliable phone I should even think about paying to make something work that should have from day one?

All I wanted at this point was to send an email and Verizon wants me to put up with more on the phone or send a snail mail.

There are enough providers out their that when my contract is up I will look for a more reliable service.

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Re: Why would I stay with Verizon?
Sr. Member

I say this kindly but please learn how to paragraph when posting to message boards.  Makes it so much easier for people to read.  If you are not happy with  a company that is what you should do is find another one that suites your needs.  Also any verizon branded phone will work so you can see if  family or friends have one laying around you can borrow until your phone is fixed.  I have 3 basic phones here in case one of ours breaks.  When my husbands phone was on the way out last year I bought him a used one for $10 that has worked fine all this time.  Mary